GENEVA: Amid coronavirus, India has resumed the domestic and international flights. The passengers are required to follow certain guidelines. The cases of the novel coronavirus have grown to a certain extent and India is facing a calamity with more disasters. 

The World Health Organisation has claimed the world is in the pandemic and opening up of the economy and resuming travel guidelines would add the worst. The world is undergoing the first wave of coronavirus and the rising cases of coronavirus are now a major concern across the globe.

“Right now, we’re not in the second wave. We’re right in the middle of the first wave globally,” said Dr Mike Ryan, a World Health Organisation executive director. “We may get a second peak in this wave, this happened during pandemics in the past”, said Mike Ryan. We need to be cognizant that the disease can “jump up at any time”, he added further. 

The travel restrictions imposed on the people are in vain as no countries are able to stop the virus. WHO has temporarily suspended the clinical trial of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). The use of the drug has some negative impact on the users with heart problems that might cause death.

Currently, India has preceded Iran with 1,51,876 cases of coronavirus. The number of death reports are 4,346 deaths and 64,426 cases are recovered so far. Maharashtra has recorded 54,758 cases of coronavirus. 

The USA observed the Memorial Day through online processions and online tribute to the death of national military. Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison had a word with New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern about flight resumption. Both the countries have successfully taken control over the growth of cases, however; unable to banish the rising cases.

South Korea has urged its citizens to wear face masks in public transportation. The country witnessed the upsurge of the cases is linked to night clubs and entertainment theatres. Sri Lanka has driven the citizens to follow the guidelines and unable to maintain the social distancing would lead to imprisonment.

So far, the virus has infected 56,85,938 people across the globe. The USA has recorded 17,25,275 cases of coronavirus leading to the top. There are more than 7,792 cases of the virus yet to be reported and more than 573 new deaths are reported till now.