Technology: With the rising cases of COVID-19 and the dependency on the online transaction to maintain social distancing has forged data transmission across the globe. Several online scams have been reported across the world that are linked to data misuse or data details related to bank details and so on. The hacks have created a new cyber threat worldwide. 

TrueCaller, an application to identify unknown calls have resulted in the data breach of Indian users. The data of more than 47.5 million Indians have been on sale as per the report of the cyber researcher. The data is offered at a low price of $1000 that includes name, gender, location, email address and Facebook profile information.

The citizens from Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, North-east India, Punjab and Odisha have been using this application and their details have been on threat of being leakers by the hackers for misusing them in future. Cyble Inc, a firm founded by Beenu Arora, a cybersecurity expert has been able to unravel the data. This has affected many Indian nationwide. 

“Cyble has indexed this information on”, the firm confirmed. According to Mr Arora, the sale of data at such a minimum price has indicated that the hacker is trying to expand his customers. The hacker has been identified by the name of TooGod in the dark web.

However, TrueCaller has denied any such data leakage but the sample records are available. The company has assured people of the security of details and the continuous inspections are taking place in the site. The spokesperson of Truecaller has added that the compilation of multiple phone number databases with a stamp of Truecaller helps the hackers to establish some credibility in their work.

The rising cases of cybercrime have concerned the industry of Information Technology (IT). In 2019, there are 3.94 lakh cases of cyber crimes and data leakages.  Last week, cyble reported that the data of 2.9 crore Indians were on sale.