Toronto: A Canadian court has thrown out the appeal of two alleged supporters of Khalistan who were put on a no-fly list in 2018. As cited in Canadian Press, Bhagat Singh Brar and Parvkar Singh Dulai sought the termination of their designations under the Secure Air Travel Act but the three-judges Federal Court of Appeal upheld it adding that the government had reasonable apprehension that the duo might use air travel to engage in terrorism.

Thus, the court’s ruling of June 19 based on hearings held on June 13 and 17 summed up previous judgments that left the appellants on the no-fly list. The subject was stated to be the son of a person namely Lakhbir Singh Lode, who had been reportedly recognized as the head of the known international terror group, namely the International Sikh Youth Federation in Canada. Lode’s nephew is Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale who met a mysterious death while in Pakistan in December the previous year and had participated in the Operation Bluestar in Golden Temple, Amritsar in 1984.

Brar was arrested at Vancouver International Airport during April of 2018, while Dulai had the same experience during May of that year. In July 2020, Global News reported that Canadian security agencies accused Brar, who resides in Brampton, of working with the Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence agency to plan an attack in India, foiled in 2017. The ISI, short for Inter-Services Intelligence, is the most influential intelligence agency in Pakistan.

Consequently, documents that the outlet compiled incriminated Dulai of interacting with the Khalistani terrorist group and living in Surrey, British Columbia, planning contemporary terrorism-related activities.

They signify the increase in the security attention and what seems to continue to be a process of scrutiny of persons who may be connected with proscribed organisations associated with terrorism. The judgement involves the measures to sustain absolute safety combined with civil liberties and laws amid Canada’s aviation and counter-terrorism strategies.

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