Tilda: At Tilda village in Lavna police station area, there is a sad event that has been going round, and people are so shocked. A man has been accused of spousal abuse and even went further to kill his wife using an axe. Concerning the sad story, the village community seems to be in deep shock, and local agencies have wasted no time in response. The accused husband himself has been arrested and is currently in custody, with police cordoning him on intensive interrogation.

After the crime was reported, the forensic staff as this brief, quickly went to the scene to help in investigations and collect as much evidence as possible. The Lavna police have also employed its personnel to search for all the requisite information that might be used in the commission of the murder. At the moment, the cause of this wicked act has not been established, but preliminary analyses indicate that the incident may have stemmed from family discord.

It shocked the village of Tilda and remains a topical issue up to the present day, and the investigation of the events, the loss of human life, and the occurrence of such a grave offense in the village. Police and other security forces are actively investigating the circumstances of the murder and the identity of the perpetrator to punish the offender by the law.

On the other hand, the prosecution is still to come up with details of how the accused man conducted himself before the fatal episode. Now, police authorities are trying to collect every possible physical and verbal evidence to find out how exactly it culminated in this tragedy. As the investigation goes on, the local people are living in suspense, wanting an answer and still praying for a change as they wait with sorrow in this heart-wrenching incident.

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