Trending: The quarantine period has provided us with enough time to conduct some bizarre experiments. There are certain recipes such as Kurkure milkshakes and Gulab Jamun Pav that have left netizens embarrassed. Similarly, a new dish is storming that has left the netizens disgusted over the food items. 

Nutella Biriyani has taken the internet and created a sensation amongst the people. The photograph has gone viral and the netizens have shown a disgusting reaction over the item. The picture of Biriyani with a spoonful Nutella placed on it has shaken the people. 

A Facebook page known as Muslim Memes shared the picture with the caption ‘How excited are you for the new Nutella Biriyani.” The users have shown significant repugnance to this dish showered with hateful comments. 

One user commented “I am leaving this planet”, while another user showed a sign of ‘disgust’ and another user explained the recipe as ‘Blasphemy.’