Ghazipur– Four people were killed on the spot and nine others injured in a road accident on Monday when the bus they were traveling in hit a stationary truck at Mussepur village on the Purvanchal Expressway in Uttar Pradesh. The authorities noted that the incident happened when the bus was moving from Ayodhya to Vikramganj in Bihar.

Police said that 25 passengers were being ferried in the bus when it crashed into the immovable truck parked beside the Nairobi- Doula expressway. This crash caused some of the passengers to die on the spot, and many others had severe injuries. Firefighters and other assisting emergency services reached the area and rushed the injured to the various hospitals without wasting time.

The mayor and other juniors have been admitted to the district hospitals in Mau and Ghazipur, respectively, and are receiving treatment. Superintendent of Police (Rural) Balwant Chaudhary, on his part, confirmed the hospitalizations and the deaths. He said: “Ten of them are receiving medical treatment at Mau and Ghazipur district hospitals; four of the injured have died, and the identity of the deceased persons is still unknown. ”

The accident happened at night when the road was busiest, making the expressway a scene of confusion. Passengers and non-passengers said that the degree of force was high, which resulted in much damage to the forward part of the bus. This is because, especially in cases involving automobiles, many passengers are always stuck in the wreckage, and emergency responders have to work patiently to free them.

The analysis of the circumstances that led to the accident raises possible questions, such as whether the driver could not read the stationary truck before the collision, and further investigations are still ongoing. Investigations by the officials are underway to determine whether other conditions, such as poor visibility at night, fatigue, or any other negligence, contributed to the accident.

The sad event sometimes raised concerns about road safety issues on the highways across India, caution, and markings for stationary vehicles. Purvanchal Expressway, a strategic motorway that can enhance connection in the region, has been labeled, however with several controversies involving accidents ever since its construction began, and particularly after being commissioned.