New Delhi: The latest and recent directions of the Supreme Court of India were to supply 137 cusecs of surplus drinking water immediately to Delhi, and the Himachal Pradesh government was directed to consider this. But, UYRB today submitted before the court that, measuring compensation with this order is difficult. There are no resources available in Himachal Pradesh to store water to measure any extra flow, and though the central government claims to release excess water after meeting the state’s water demand, there is no data available for measuring it.

In the same hearing and for the same reason of lack of UYRB report, a vacation bench comprising Justice PK Mishra allowed the case to stand adjourned until June 12. The Haryana government, which is an interested party in the case, has said that it has filed a document with the Supreme Court. However, the bench condemned the Delhi government for not being serious by not correcting defects in the petition that complicated the filing of the reports and applications.

For this procedural lapse, the Delhi government and their counsel senior advocate Abhishek Manu Singhvi and others were reprimanded by the bench. In the judgment, Justice PB Varale commented: “You cannot take this court for a ride.” The court insisted on the verification of the removal of defects and stated that the case would be dismissed if not addressed.

Banglore Senior counsel Vikramjit Banerjee and Wasim Qadri, appearing for the UYRB, apprised the court that it has filed a status report in compliance with the June 6 direction ordering HP to provide 137 cusecs of water to Delhi. The order also directed the Haryana government to provide that surplus water of the Hathnikund Barrage reach Wazirabad Delhi.

According to the UYRB report, HP runs into a problem of having no storage for the extra water decreed by the court and has also been accused of incomplete information on the use of water. Though the Haryana scientific temper responded, the HP scientific temper did not respond. The UYRB had documented that from June 6, different rates of water inflows at Hathnikund Barrage were observed.

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