On Friday, Yuvraj Goyal, a 28-year-old Indian man, was shot and killed in Canada. Four people have been charged with first-degree murder in connection with the crime, as per the police report.The Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s homicide unit released a statement on Friday morning stating that Yuvraj Goyal, the victim of Indian origin, was found dead in Surrey.

The victim was working at a car dealership in Surrey, according to media reports, quoting his sister Charu Singhla. She added that the family didn’t know why he was killed and failed to know if he was associated with any criminal organisation.

Victum’s brother-in-law, Bawandeap, said that the victim was speaking with his Indian mother on the phone right before the murder. “He was shot as he got out of his car after returning from his daily routine at the gym.” Bawandeap said.

Police charged four suspects on Saturday, named Manvir Basram (23) of Surrey, Sahib Basra of Surrey (20), Harkirat Jhutty of Surrey (23), and Keilon Francois (20) of Ontario, shortly after the shoot.

The homicide unit stated in a statement on Saturday that shortly after the shooting, they received a report of a car fire. According to the police, the initial proof indicated that this was a “targeted shooting,” and they are still investigating to determine the cause of Mr. Yuvraj Goyal’s death.

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