Kawardha: One fatal accident happened in Titari village of Chhattisgarh when a bolt of lightning killed seven persons who were fishing in a pond. Lightning killed a young man, Jitendra Patel, and injured six people – with lightning commonly recognized as the cause of death in Bihar. The affected persons were quickly evacuated to the community hospital for remedial action to be taken on them but unfortunately one of them died on the spot.

It was stated that the group was under trees near the river and the area due to rain while participating in fishing exercises. However, the luminary was unpropitious; it struck the unfortunate Jalendra Patle and resulted in his death and his companions got injured.

This act can be considered as an unpleasant memory of the audience about the existence of natural disasters and the hazards they create when the climate is unstable. Despite taking precautions that the group thought would provide them with safety by seeking shelter under trees, the group got into the hands of the forces of nature that they could not control.

Despite the incident, the authorities have opened investigations to determine why the mishap occurred and are helping the families of the victims. Further, efforts are being made to create awareness and follow the correct behaviour in case of lightning so that such mishaps can be avoided in the future.

Thus, the death of Jitendra Patle and the injuries received by the others, seen as unfortunate incidences, highlighted the fact that it is always crucial to be very careful, especially during natural disasters. For the fact that societies have to live with the consequences of such mishaps, improving the level of disaster preparedness and response strategies can only be of the essence to minimize the effects of similar occurrences in the future.

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