Chhattisgarh: The rapid increase in the number of coronavirus cases has churned the entire country. Several ideas have been accentuated to spread awareness among the people but the sharp spike does not seem to cease. 

Chhattisgarh has shown sharp growth in the number of coronavirus cases with 16 new cases of coronavirus found on Friday 11 am. Currently, the state reportedly has 89 active cases and the total tally has spiked to 148. So far 46552 people have been tested and 59 patients have been discharged. The state shows no reports of death so far.

Of the 16 new cases, 12 are from Korba district, 3 from Kanker district and 1 is from  Bemetara district. State health department took to their twitter handle to confirm this news.

“ Today 16 new Corona positive patients have been identified. 12 from Korba district, 3 from Kanker district and 1 from Bemetara district, the process of admitting them in hospital has already started. There are a total of 89 active corona affected patients in the state.” Heath department tweeted.

Earlier, 17 new patients were identified till late Thursday evening. On friday morning, 16 new Corona patients have been found . In this way, the spread of coronavirus in Chhattisgarh is substantially increasing and now people need to be more vigilant than before.

Currently, most cases that are being reported in Chhattisgarh are the migrant workers who were stranded in different states.

Meanwhile, India has recorded 1,18,501 numbers of coronavirus cases with more than 6000 new cases. The death toll stands at 3,583. The total number of active cases