Raipur: Currently, the planned meeting of Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai with various departments is in progress. It is the third consecutive day of the review meetings. In addition, the Chief Minister will consider the PHE department, as well as the home and jail departments, for today’s meeting. He will also be in other programs as may be planned in the schedule. The other ministers who attended these meetings included Arun Sao, the minister for PHE, and Vijay Sharma, the minister for home and jail.

The discussions that will feature during the series of meetings will be inclined toward the availability of safe drinking water in the affected regions. Finally, in line with the current law and order situation of the state, meetings with officials from the Home and Jail departments will be held. In the course of the meeting, the officials will be given essential directives that require official attention.

There, they will later in the day accompany the Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai in Rajnandgaon district. It is indicated that he is to travel to Rajnandgaon by flight at 6 PM. In Rajnandgaon, there will be a public meeting of gratitude from the Chief Minister. After this, at 7 pm, he will participate in another Gratitude in the warmth event at a private hotel in the city.

At the same time, Chhattisgarh BJP election in-charge Nitin Nabin will also reach Raipur today. Kamal Kumar is likely to arrive at Raipur Airport by 4 in the evening. His next visit will be to the BJP office at Kushabhau Thakre premises after reaching the Raipur airport. At 6 pm, he will have a meeting with the state president and state general secretaries. On 17th November, Nitin Nabin will meet with the core committee, cluster in-charges, Lok Sabha coordinators, and co-coordinators. The schedule for the day includes a one-on-one with the legislative assembly members at 2:00 PM. At 4 PM, they will assemble a meeting with the MPs. In these working meetings, Nitin Nabin will expound on the election’s different features and possible plans.

These meetings are important since they should help reinforce key operational departments and scrutinize and enhance the practices of good governance. Mentioning drinking water availability underlines the government’s emphasis.

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