Imphal: In another report of violence recorded in Jiribam, Manipur, two fresh cases of arson, reported last week, two deserted houses of the Meitei community were allegedly burnt in the wee hours of Friday. This act of arson was committed, although extra security forces were deployed to the Jiribam district because there was a fresh spurt of violence in this part of the Manipur state in the North East Frontier Agency of India.

The police said this incident happened on Friday around 3 AM at Bhutangkhal, under the Borobekra police station. Luckily, this event had no human injuries or loss of life.

The Jiribam district, particularly the area neighbouring the state of Assam, plays a crucial role in the commercial development of Manipur. However, the commercial activities in the night district have pulled down and come to a halt after the discovery of the severed head of a missing person on June 6. This horrible discovery created a new cycle of violence in the region. Till today, over 70 houses of both communities involved have been reduced to ashes, and more than a thousand BPL people have been displaced due to frequent firing and have been forced to take shelter at safer places in neighbouring Assam and other tahsils of Jiribam. Similarly, more security forces, Manipur Police and central forces have been deployed to patrol the additional vulnerable places so that any untoward incidence is prevented in future as stated by the district police.

As the situation is persistent in Jiribam, Manipur, based on the issuance of the order by the Authority of Jiribam, the All Jiribam Muslim Welfare Society (AJMWS) has restricted the recreation and entertainment of Eid-ul-Adha festival in the district. A statement issued by AJMWS suggests that this decision was arrived at within a meeting held and witnessed at Sonapur, Jiribam, on Friday. The society also said that the Eid-ul-Adha prayers will also be held at the different local Masjids, and people massing together at the Eidgah in the Muslim-majority areas of Jiribam will only mourn the recent violence.

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