Chhattisgarh: Bhupesh Baghel, the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh has requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to include the policemen, local bodies, officers and employees of district administration in the insurance scheme under the Prime Minister’s Poor Welfare Package, on the lines of health workers.

Congratulating Prime Minister for the implementation of the Epidemic Diseases Ordinance (Amendment), 2020 through his letter, Mr. Bhagel appreciated the efforts of the Centre Government.

In his letter, he informed PM that the health service personnel, policemen and officers and employees of other departments have been performing their duties by establishing complete coordination in the State. While no healthcare personnel have been attacked in Chhattisgarh the above ordinance providing a strong protection to the warriors fighting against COVID-19 is a good step. An insurance scheme of Rs 50 lakhs for the healthcare workers announced by the Government of India is a motivating step for the dedicated medical staff.

Through his letter, the CM tried to draw the attention of the PM towards the contribution of thousands of employees and officers who have been working day and night to make the lockdown successful. Consequently, many employees and officers have also been infected with Covid-19 while performing their duties. Since the state officers and employees are not included in the insurance scheme launched by the Centre, it becomes a matter of concern to provide them with security for their selfless service.

Defining ‘Health Service Worker’ under the above ordinance, then Section-1A (b) (ii), he wrote that it includes such persons who are authorized to take necessary steps to prevent the epidemic

The policemen, officers and employees of local bodies and district administration must also be included in the periphery of this definition, by whom dauntless efforts are being made for prevention and control of corona infection. 

Therefore, benefits should be provided to these people too considering them to be health workers.

He requested PM the inclusion of the  policemen, local bodies and officer-employees of district administration in the insurance scheme announced by the Government of India.