Chhattisgarh: In the view of a pandemic and economic crisis, the Chhattisgarh government is trying to do every bit to make sure that the commerce activities come in flow after being shut-down for more than 40 days. 

 To encourage the marketing of goods and services in the small scale industry, the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh has now instructed all the departments to enter into a ‘rate contract’ with Chhattisgarh State Industrial Development Corporation (C.S.I.D.C) as early as possible. He has asked C.S.I.D.C to determine the price of all goods and services.

Earlier, the state government had ascertained the rates of products manufactured by the small scale industries of the state by a rate contract with the C.S.I.D.C. Despite the instructions, the purchase was made at the regular prices. In order to ensure that the commercial opportunities and the activities of the state do not suffer a loss, the supply of goods that are not produced in the state must be purchased by the department on a regular basis. The purchase must be made only by the authorized dealers of the producer companies.

On Wednesday, Chhattisgarh government had announced that all the shops will remain open for 6 days in the state to start the flow in the market. 

The nation is suffering from a loss of the economy and the state is trying its best to minimize the loss. The government has decided not to cut down the wages in order to ensure the security of the state and the economy. 

Meanwhile, Chhattisgarh has registered over 414 confirmed cases of coronavirus  till date and on Friday, the state recorded its first official death due to covid_19. On a brighter side, 100 patients have been cured from this disease.