Bengaluru: A sad incident which occurred on a Sunday morning was the electrocution of Sai Bhavani, a 13-year-old boy, at the Dr Ambedkar Pre Matric Hostel in Hoskote. In the tragic event, his younger brother also received burns on his body that can be considered appalling. The electrocution accident was caused by the interaction of the siblings with a live wire in the hostel. Having been born and grew up in Sulibele, Sai Bhavani was going about his daily errands together with his 10-year-old brother when the tragedy happened.

Following the process of washing the clothes, the brothers and their others pick mangoes from the neighbouring tree, as reported by a news agency. Consumed with anger and troubled by the fact that her family had suffered huge losses due to the storm that destroyed their groves, Sai Bhavani used a cane with a metal handle to knock off the branches laden with fruits. Little did he know that he stepped the cane to touch the 11 kV high tension wire that was passing above it. The bitter truth is that the impact elated immediately – and was cataclysmic. Sai Bhavani was immediately electrocuted, but the boy, also his younger brother, who was standing close by, was burnt.

Using screams that depicted a disturbed scene, the brothers raised an alarm that elicited an immediate response from other residents of the hostel. As soon as the child became a victim of an accident, she was taken to the hospital to call an ambulance, but Sai Bhavani was officially declared dead at the hospital. At the same time, another brother of the suspect has received a serious injury to the back and head but is said to be in stable condition.

The government is seeking justice after being given the green light to launch a legal case. The police have reported a matter under the provisions of Section 174 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. Future proceedings, however, will be taken once the parents file a formal complaint. The corpse of the deceased has been taken for an autopsy to aid the ongoing investigations.

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