The combined market value of Apple and Microsoft has surpassed the total market value of all 3,851 businesses listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. As per stock market reports, the combined market value of the three most valued US corporations, Microsoft, Apple, and Nvidia, surpasses that of the 5,300+ companies listed on the Chinese stock exchange.

The combined market capitalization of Apple and Microsoft is $6.14 trillion, surpassing the $5.06 trillion value of all actively traded businesses on the Bombay Stock Exchange. This occurs as a result of Microsoft’s increasing investments in artificial intelligence (AI), as the business has been funding OpenAI and integrating AI capabilities into its services and goods. On the NASDAQ, Apple’s shares have increased by 15% in just six months, and the corporation is about to begin its yearly developer conference, WWDC24. Tim Cook is anticipated to reveal at the conference the AI features that Apple products will receive.

Apple has faced difficulties due to decreased demand for iPhones in China and a $2 billion fine imposed by the European Union. Within the first three months, iPhone sales dropped eight percent in China, and overall, sales declined across all regions, with the notable exception of Europe.

In the past six months, Nvidia’s stock has increased by 160% as the business has solidified its position in the AI industry. The company became the first computer chip company to achieve the $3 trillion obstacles in market capitalization, which shot to an incredible $3 trillion.

The combined market capitalization of the three most valuable IT companies is $9.2 trillion, surpassing China’s total worth of listed enterprises, which is $8.85 trillion, excluding Hong Kong, according to stock market reports.

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