World: The Novel Corona virus that was started from Wuhan, China has already reached in more than 160 Countries including India. There have been reportedly registered 194,516 cases of corona virus in the World so far, while 7,892 people have died due to this deadly disease.

At the same time, the outbreak of the Corona Virus news have raised the possibility of threat to the Global Economy.

A Positive News related to Corona in India is that no evidence of Virus spreading in Community has been found

The international Labour Organization (ILO) have warned that an outbreak of Corona could push the World into an Economic Crisis. ILO has also stated that if Governments do not make adequate measures to deal with the COVID-19, it could endanger the jobs of about 25 Million People.

Indeed, The ILO said on Wednesday that the COVID-19 epidemic could cause a Global Economic Crisis. Therefore Governments need to take steps to save the jobs of the workers.

Can Homeopathy be a possible treatment, which people are at greater risk of CORONA INFECTION?

The ILO cautions that Governments need to take decisions similar to the steps taken during 2008-09 Recession. Because such efforts can reduce the risk of Unemployment to a great extent.

The death toll due to COVID-19 outbreak in China has increased to 3,237, while the number of confirmed cases in Asian Country has increased to 80,894.