Reliance Industries Limited, India’s Largest Conglomerate, has initiated a work from home protocol for all its employees across the country and overseas in response to the evolving Corona virus situation. This protocol will be effective till 31 March 2020. But this will not affect the consumer based business as RIL has announced that 10 percent of the employees will continue to serve the company keeping in mind the terror that has submerge in India right now.

“However, considering the public requirements in such an unprecedented situation, RIL will continue to provide all essential services to the citizens and will keep open its main retail grocery stores, its telecom connectivity services, the Hospital and any other essential services required for public or business continuity.” said the spokeperson

For all essential services, RIL will deploy about 10 percent of their staff on rotational basis. There will be comprehensive safety guidelines and protocols for all essential staff during this period. All standards of sanitation and hygiene will be implemented including its entire Emergency Response infrastructure in ready state.

RIL will continue to monitor the situation and evaluate its response mechanisms on a real time basis.