In the Khunti district of Jharkhand, individuals with sickle cell anemia will receive a ₹1,000 monthly pension, an official announced on Wednesday. According to him, the Khunti district administration in Jharkhand has authorized pension payments under the Swami Vivekananda Nishakt Swawlamban Protsahan Scheme for individuals with sickle cell anaemia for the first time.

The initiative has been started by the Khunti Social Security Unit and was conceived by Deputy Commissioner Lokesh Mishra.

According to an official announcement, nine recipients from various blocks have been identified for the first phase: three from each of the blocks Khunti and Karra, two from Murhu, and one from Torpa block. “Under this scheme, an amount of ₹1000 per month will be given to the beneficiaries for life,” it stated.

The announcement stated that this system will cover any sickle cell cases that are later discovered or identified. 99,165 persons have received sickle cell screenings in the district thus far. 114 of them were found to be sickle cell carriers, while 46 individuals were discovered to have sickle cell anemia-thalassemia, the report stated.

“Among them, nine persons who have been suffering from 40 per cent or more sickle cell anemia-thalassemia disease are being given pension under Swami Vivekananda Nishakt Swavalamban Protsahan Yojana on the basis of disability certificate,” the report stated.

While life expectancy has increased as a result of improved healthcare, Jharkhand’s tribal population remains affected with a range of illnesses. According to the announcement, sickle cell anaemia is one of the state’s most common illnesses. Red blood cells with sickle cell anaemia twist into a sickle structure, causing the illness to be inherited. Early cell death results in a deficiency of healthy red blood cells and may block blood flow, producing discomfort. Health specialists stated that in rural places, people must be aware of the disease’s treatments and therapies.

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