Syracuse, New York, was thrown into a state of mourning after a house fall which resulted in 10 persons being seriously injured and said to be trapped under the debris on Tuesday. First, statistics showed that this accident may have involved as many as 20 people who could have been in the house at the time of the disaster. Those currently alive in collapsed structures are still being sought by various ministries in an effort to rescue them.

Syracuse Fire Chief Michael Monds held a press briefing after the accident and gave information on the severity of the injuries that the victims received. Speaking on the state of the rescued, Oke said, “eight of the 10 were on advanced life support while the other two were on basic life supports.” As for Chief Monds, he was so glad that thirteen people were saved from the crash and added more than fifty firefighters were participating in this lengthy rescue mission.

The incident, which took place around 4:06 p.m. on the 200 block of Carbon Street, has elicited concerns over its root. The first preliminary details stipulated an inhouse’ explosion from subterranean gas, a notion supported by witnesses’ accounts of perceiving a smell of gas a few minutes before the house crumbled. Nevertheless, the dispatch audio itself pointed out that there may have been a car crashing into the garage that eventually fell and hurt several people.

The first responder team arrived at the scene as quickly as possible and reported some conditions, such as fire at the back of the house and people still locked in a car inside the garage due to the rubble. These peculiarities were followed by detailed eyewitness accounts who described the scene as ‘rather messy’ with a ‘striking stench of gas’ spreading around.

The local county has reinforced through its Syracuse Police, Fire Department, and AMR (American Medical Response) to conduct intensive search and rescue operations. Currently, there are traffic restrictions along Carbon Street, especially between Oberst and John streets.

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