INDIA: There is considerable discussion of three medical equipment among the ongoing corona infections in the country. They are N-95 masks, ventilators and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) kits. While releasing daily Health Bulletin regarding Corona update, Luv Aggarwal, Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Health stated that its manufacturing has been started by 20 companies across the country. He also clarified the situation under which PPE kits and other equipment is required.

 Luv Agarwal said that the Ministry of Health and welfare has ordered 17 million PPE kits and 49 thousand ventilators. Its supply has also been started. He also said that in the meeting of the Group of Ministers it was also discussed that the doctors and medical personnel serving as soldiers should get full support and respect of the entire society.

He also advised people to avoid fake news and said that we have to understand that not everyone needs PPE.  He has advised reading the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health to avoid fake news.

The ministry also said that 80,000 isolation beds had been set-up in 5,000 dedicated railway coaches to increase the number of quarantine centres in the country. A total of 2,500 doctors from the Indian Railways and 35,000 staff members have been enlisted for help by the Center.

Agarwal said that till date 166 deaths have been recorded in India due to coronavirus, since it first surfaced in the country on Jan 30.