INDIA: The Centre is looking at extending the lockdown beyond April 14 after many state governments and health experts suggested such a course of action on the ground that the coronavirus threat is still looming large. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be having a crucial meeting on 11th April with the Chief Ministers of all the states via video conferencing and review the condition of the states. The lockdown likely to extend or not after 14th april, will be decided after reviewing all the aspects and situation that all the state is facing.

This will be PM Modi’s second video conferencing with the Chief Ministers, before this Modi spoke to the CMs of all states on 7 April. During that time the Chief Ministers of most states had demanded to increase the lock-down. The situation is uncontrollable in half a dozen states including Maharashtra, UP, Delhi, Bihar, Kerala etc.

India currently has 5916 patients affected by the COVID-19, and a total of 178 deaths. It is most likely that the number of cases will substantially increase in the coming days. The central and state is already planning to extend the lockdown till 30th April. Although the confirmation will be received only after the meeting on 11th April but as the situation is worsening, it is better to be prepared for the 15 days extension for the national lockdown.

Chhattisgarh Health minister T.S. Singh Deo request to extend the lockdown.

In a recent interview, Chhattisgarh Health Minister T.S. Singh Deo said, “I feel that people have got used to the lockdown. We should take advantage of that and deal conservatively with the question of lifting the lockdown. Certainly, borders of States should remain closed although activities within districts are on to some extent. A conservative estimate and looking at the expected spike in cases, we must go for another 14 days of lockdown at least.”