INDIA: On Saturday, the total confirmed cases in India approached 60,000 mark with 39,883 active patients & nearly 2000 deaths. With 3,320 new cases & 95 fatalities reported in the last 24 hours, the total count of the positive cases stands at 59,662 while the death toll is at 1,981. There have been 17,847 recovered cases from different parts of the country.

According to the latest data and its further study informs us that the top 5 states account for 72% of the active cases in the country. Similarly, the top 10 states account for 92% of all confirmed cases in India.

The table below presents the data of top 10 states which are worst hit by the COVID-19 in India :

Sr.No.StatesConfirmed CasesActive CasesDeaths
4.Tamil Nadu6,0094,36440
6.Madhya Pradesh3,3411,792200
7.Uttar Pradesh3,2141,76166
8.Andhra Pradesh1,8871,00441
10.West Bengal1,6781,154160

On Saturday, Maharashtra reported 1089 new cases & 37 deaths. The total count of confirmed cases in Mumbai is nearly 20,000 while the death toll is at 731.

According to the updates, the districts of  Mumbai, Chennai, Thane, Ahmedabad & Thiruvallur (Tamil Nadu) have reported 53% of new cases. Other districts detecting maximum new cases are Nashik, Bhopal & Kolkata.

 After Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu showed a major increase in new cases with 600 fresh infections being reported in the last 24 hours.

Meanwhile, Gujarat (390) & Delhi (338) too reported huge numbers of new cases making the situation worse for the States already declared the Red Zone.

The data of active cases across the country presents a different situation as compared to that of confirmed cases. As per the tally, the active cases in Madhya Pradesh & Gujarat have shot up & are higher than many other states with more confirmed cases. 

A significant increase in cases was reported from Tripura with 53 new cases taking its total count to 118. There are 116 active cases in the state with just 2 recovered patients.

The states reporting maximum fatalities are Maharashtra , Gujarat, MP, West Bengal & Rajasthan. The death rate of 9.5% in West Bengal is the highest while Gujarat & Madhya Pradesh have reported 6% death rate till now. The lowest fatality rates have been seen in Tamil Nadu (0.7%), Odisha (0.7%), and Kerala (0.8%).

Meanwhile , the death rate of India stands at 3.2%. However, with the current increase in the number of active cases across the country, India has reached 12th place globally reporting 12th highest number of active cases. 

India is the fifth fastest nation to reach the 50,000 mark from the 10,000 mark in total cases. While the US took 5 days, Italy took 11 days, China – 12 & Iran 21, India took 23 days in the said development. This is an alarming situation for the country which was performing comparatively better than many other nations globally.