WORLD: After more than 4 months of its origin, the novel coronavirus has infected more than 4 million people worldwide & has killed nearly 280,000 people. There are 2,373,310 active cases out of 4,067,088 total confirmed cases. With 278,445 fatalities around the world due to COVID-19, there have been 1,415,333 patients who have recovered from it so far.

With 13,453 new cases & 720 deaths the US continues to remain the country reporting maximum cases, deaths as well as active cases. The death rate is comparatively lower than many European countries but the numbers reported are the largest.

In Europe, the United Kingdom with 3,896 new cases & 346 new deaths is the most affected country by COVID-19. The total active cases & deaths reported in the country is also the highest among the European nations.

On Saturday, Russia reported more than 10,000 new cases as the pandemic muted Victory Day celebrations marking 75 years since the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II.

Meanwhile, the French health ministry announced another 80 deaths from the coronavirus, the lowest figure recorded in 24 hours since early April. The number of people in intensive care units – a key measure of a health system’s ability to deal with the epidemic – fell by 56, or about two percent, to 2,812. France will start lifting its almost two-month-old national lockdown from Monday.

The following table contains the tally of active cases, total case & the number of deaths in the countries worst hit by COVID-19: 

Sr.No.CountryActive casesTotal CasesDeaths
1.United States1,031,2901,335,23879,335
2.United Kingdom183,329215,26031,587

Italy reported 194 new coronavirus fatalities on increasing the total death toll to 30,395.The total number of confirmed cases has increased by 1,083 to 218,268. However, there were 1,034 people in intensive care on Saturday, lower from 1,168 on Friday, maintaining a long-running decline. 

Brazil too, recorded 751 additional deaths, a record figure bringing its toll to almost 10,100. The active cases in the country stands at 79,273 with 2,778 new cases.

With a huge spike in cases in India , India has now become the country reporting ninth highest active cases. This is an alarming situation for India as the speed had been really slow till early April. But, in the last 23 days it has travelled from 10,000 mark to 50,000 mark. At present there are 62,521 total cases while 41,760 active cases with 2089 deaths.

Coronavirus deaths in Canada have increased by 157 on Saturday, taking the total to 4,628. The total confirmed cases in the country have jumped by 1,381 to 66,783.

Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau warned that if provinces move too quickly to reopen their economies, a flare-up of the pandemic could send Canada “back into confinement this summer.”

Meanwhile, Mexico too reported more than 1,900 new cases of novel coronavirus, bringing the country’s total number to 31,522. Additionally, 199 new virus related deaths were recorded, bringing the current death toll to 3,160.

South Korea, which became Corona free due to its mass testing, reported that a new cluster of cases has emerged in its capital city Seoul. The cases were said to be linked to nightclubs in the capital due to which all bars and nightclubs have been closed.

Pedro Sanchez, the Prime Minister of Spain announced that from Monday, many regions not as hard hit by the virus will permit gatherings of up to 10 people and reopen churches, theaters, outdoor markets and other establishments with limits on occupancy.

He further cautioned the people saying that loosening the nearly two-month lockdown will be for naught if people don’t obey social distancing rules.

On Saturday, he reminded the nationals that “the virus has not disappeared”. The struggle goes on and will last until we find a vaccine. Till then,we have to live with the virus, that is why we must reinforce our healthcare system and strengthen its capabilities. “

As a major impact of the pandemic across the globe, the US economy lost a record 20.5 million jobs in April, marking the largest single month of job losses since officials began tracking the data. Canada has recorded the second-highest unemployment rate in its history. 

Other countries of the world are also facing similar economic downturn, however at present fighting against the virus and saving lives has become more important for all the countries.