Tamil Nadu: Amidst COVID-19 deaths, another heart wrenching shook the nation with the custodial death of the father-son duo. People across Tamil Nadu have alleged police brutality on all social networking sites. #JusticeForJayarajAndFenix is the new on-going trend on Twitter. 

P Jayaraj and his son J Bennicks (mistaken as Fenix) were arrested on June 19 for violating the lockdown rules as the two had kept their shops open beyond the permitted hours. The FIR has been charged in the police station against the two. The  Sathankulam police had approached the Magistrate B Saravanan who in turn without physical administration i.e, if the duo is physically injured or so on, ordered the detention of the duo. 

However, on June 20 before getting back to being remanded the duo was taken to the hospital where they couldn’t dare to speak the truth as they were being threatened by the police officials. Also, the doctors effused to provide the fitness certificate as the blood pressure of the duo was high.

The advocate added that once the blood pressure of them reduced, the duo was given some tablets and injection. On pleading the police to provide the medicine to stop the rectal bleeding, the officials reluctantly denied.  On June 22, the son complained of chest pain and died in the Kovilpatti General Hospital and afterwards, the father died of fever. 

A few reports suggest that the duo underwent sexual assault in the police custody whereas, some reports claim that they were brutally tortured by the officials that led to their death.

A Chennai based news site, the Federal reported that the duo had been sodomised in the police station, as on June 20, between 7 am -12 pm the father and the son had changed almost 7 lungis as blood was flushing out from their rectum, as per the eyewitness.

The lawyer and friend of the son said that the duo came out of the bar unkempt. Almost for three hours, there were cries of mercy and pity being heard by the people present around.

After listing out such terrible brutality, people across the Tamil Nadu protested, shops were closed and almost 150 people gathered in Virugambakkam market to protest against such heinous crime.  Around 50 people were arrested for violating the basic rules of lockdown. 

The family was shocked and demanded the arrest of the two sub-inspectors. The family members have also denied receiving the body unless their demand gets fulfilled. Many leading political parties also protested against such violence. 

On seeing the ongoing protest the Madurai bench of Madras High Court demanded the death report from the police officers. The Tamil Nadu CM announced Rs 10 lakh and the guaranteed government jobs to the family members of each deceased. The CM said the police officers responsible for the death are suspended. The inspector of Sathakulam is waiting for the result of the grievous act. 

The custodial death created a new spark in the minds of the people. Many celebrities took Twitter to demand justice for the duo.