DELHI: On Wednesday, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal raised white flag to Lieutenant Governor’s decision overruling his government’s decision to treat only residents of Delhi because of shortage in hospital beds. He asserted in his first online statement since he went into self-isolation suspecting a COVID-19 infection, “this is not the time for politics. This is not the time for disagreements.”

He further added “if political parties keep fighting, corona will win. The entire country has to be united in its fight. You cannot even imagine the crisis we are in.”

On Monday, the AAP government’s decision to reserve hospitals except those run by the centre for residents of Delhi was cancelled by Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal, who represents the centre. The Lieutenant Governor had ordered that everyone should be treated in Delhi without “discrimination” on grounds of being a non-resident. He also reversed a decision to test only those showing symptoms of COVID-19 and said asymptomatic cases and high-risk contacts of a virus patient will also be tested. 

After being tested negative for coronavirus, Kejriwal addressed the media on Wednesday saying, in the Delhi election of a 70 members assembly, they had won 62 seats. But in times like this, if the centre has decided to overrule us, this is not a time to differ. So, without any debates or disputes whatever is ordered by the centre and Lt. Governor will be implemented. 

Given his government’s worrying estimate of how virus cases will rise from the doubling rate of infection, the Delhi government assesses that by June 15 there will be 44,000 cases, by June 30 there will be one lakh cases, 2.25 lakh cases by July 15 and 5.5 lakh by July 31 and the corresponding demand for beds, providing hospital beds for COVID-19 treatment is going to be a huge challenge for the Kejriwal led government. 

A total of 33,000 beds will be required just for people in Delhi by the 15th of July and if we let outsiders from the city to come in for treatment the number is going to rise up to 65,000 and by the end of July, 1.5 beds in total will be needed.

“I will get started on this and go to stadiums, banquet halls and hotels to make arrangements. We will try everything, do whatever we can to ensure enough hospital beds in Delhi” said the Chief minister.

Meanwhile, Delhi has reported 31,309 cases and the death toll in the national capital now stands at 905.