New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Tuesday released a notice on the petition to cancel the NEET-UG 2024 examination but dismissed the interim request to stop the current counseling. Hearing the petition, the Court was concerned by the questions regarding the NEET-UG exam that was being conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA).

They also devoted much attention to the fact that the allegations were quite severe and could involve the violation of the principle of inviability of the examination process. Although the nature of the allegation touches on the sanctity of the institution, therefore, answers are needed, as claimed by the Court from the contents of the petition presented.

The petitioners in the case have indicated that due to malpractices and irregularities that accompanied the conduction of the NEET-UG 2024 examination, the integrity of the examination was compromised. They argue that they bring about matters of prejudice that this category contradicts the merits and equality before the commission, a factor critical for admission to colleges as witnessed by NEET-UG, through which the fate of many medical students across the region is determined.

Despite acknowledging these worries, the Supreme Court opts not to stop counselling, which has to be done to ensure students enrol at medical colleges on time. The denial of the stay of the counselling process maintains the themed approach of the Court that responded to the allegations while trying not to disrupt the academic calendar greatly.

The respondents were made to file their response to the petition before the NTA, and the date set for the next hearing is 8th July. This timeframe gives the NTA a chance to defend itself on the issues that had been raised here and show how it has enhanced the credibility of the NEET-UG test.

Due to the fact that the case has attracted the attention of all the key stakeholders, including students, parents and other educational facilities, all of them are closely following the events.

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