Hailing this move as a positive step, sources said that Jailed Alamgir Alam, the Jharkhand Minister who has recently been arrested under charges of forgery, has resigned from the state cabinet headed by CM Champai Soren. The resignation sent Monday night to Soren also removes Alam from the Ministries and his Chairmanship of the CLP as specified in the copy of his resignation letter to the National Congress President Mallikarjuna Kharge.

Jailed currently, Alam quit SLT at the time of several legal issues; Alam was arrested by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in relation to alleged money laundering charges on May 15. Even though he has resigned at this time, it comes on the heels of the abduction of all the four departments earlier controlled by Alam, such as the parliamentary affairs, rural development, rural work and the Panchayati raj. These departments are now directly reporting to the CM to a certain level with the following appointments.

The development reveals the political implications of the legal problems that occurred to Alam, and it is a clear indication of a major shake-up in the hierarchy of the state government. The main issue that arises with the exit of Alam is the fact that the government has to find another candidate to occupy the ministerial seat while sorting out the administrative responsibilities that the former minister was overseeing.

Moreover, Alam’s decision to step down from the position as the Congress legislature party leader proves that the party accepted the need for a change in leadership during the ongoing crisis. It seems this move will subject to reshape the internal configuration within the Congress party in Jharkhand in the next couple of months and can bring new dynamics to state politics.

Alam’s recent resignation raises the issues of legal proceedings and political governance; it also illustrates the significance of having ethical standards of right conduct in the cabinet.

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