In the heartland of Scotland, another brutality equivalent to terrorism took place in Glasgow. Six people including a policeman were stabbed by a man in the Scottish city of Glasgow. However, the man behind the chaos was shot dead by the cops immediately.

An eyewitness revealed that she saw many people drenched in blood on roads. Majority of the people were being treated at the hospital as the incident broke down at the city centre hotel. The policeman arrived within a few minutes. 

Police complained that the attackers were fatal in nature. The media reports claimed that the man had brutally killed two people. 

The Assistant Chief Constable of Police Scotland, Steve Johnson stated that the incident was under control and no risks were involved. The incident was treated as terrorism and the police had shot the person dead. They were treating the whole incident as terrorism. Another man has described the whole incident in the hotel as ‘full of blood’. 

Police informed that the six people were wounded but the situation is under control now. Those people are being treated in hospital for their injuries, including a 42-year-old police officer who was said to be “critical but stable”.

The Park Inn by Radisson was used as a shelter in the coronavirus pandemic. The authorities cautioned of such motive later on. 

Prime Minister, Boris Johson expressed his grief. He was deeply affected by such action. He urged the people not to gather in crowds. 

Last week some people were killed in the English town of Reading by a man who brutally went on stabbing people around the park. Police stated that the incidents were treated as the act of terrorism.