Kathmandu: Amid all the political turbulence and rift between India and Nepal, Kathmandu cable operators has banned all private Indian news channels exempting only Indian national news network Doordarshan from this ban.

The ban was implemented in Nepal on Thursday after a final decision was taken by the foreign channel distributors Multi- System Operators (MSOs) following massive online criticism of the coverage of Nepal by Indian news channels. Citizens of Nepal said that the news channels portrayed the Nepalese leadership in a bad light. 

“Nepal may seek political and legal remedies and also mobilise diplomatic channels against reports of Indian media attacking Nepal’s sovereignty and dignity,” said Nepal’s Information and Broadcasting Minister Yubaraj Khatiwada. 

According to The Himalayan Times, the move comes after some TV channels indulged in “defamatory” coverage about Nepal’s prime minister KP Sharma Oli and the Chinese envoy to Nepal Hou Yanqi.

Tensions have escalated between India and Nepal after the Nepalese Parliament passed an amendment to include three disputed areas as part of their new map. 

New Delhi reacted sharply to the inclusion of the disputed areas, following with dialogues with Kathmandu. Nepal PM KP Sharma Oli also blamed India of trying to destabilize his government and expel him. He also asserted that some of his Nepalese leaders are also involved in attempts to remove him from his position. Some Nepalese leaders had demanded PM Oli’s resignation amid tensions with India.