WORLD: After more than 5.5 months of its origin, the novel coronavirus has infected nearly 6.4 million people worldwide & has killed more than 380,000 people. The world is still struggling to keep up with the constant growth of coronavirus. This has created the biggest debate on ways to fight the pandemic. The major nations have failed to control the pandemic.

There are 64,52,390 cases of coronavirus in the world, out of which 30,66,696 cases are recovered and 3,82,479 are death reports. There are 3003215 cases are active one and 3449175 are closed cases of coronavirus.

Important highlights of the Global Update:

  • United States – 1.8 million confirmed cases and 1,08,059 deaths
  • Brazil – 558,238 confirmed cases and 31,309 deaths
  • Russia – 423,186 confirmed cases and 5,037 deaths
  • United Kingdom – 279,392 confirmed cases and 39,369 deaths
  • Spain – 239,932 confirmed cases and 27,127 deaths
  • Italy – 233,515 confirmed cases and 33,530 deaths
  • India – 2,07,615 confirmed cases and 5829 deaths

The US continues to remain the country reporting maximum cases, deaths as well as active cases.  The country has over 18,81,205 cases of coronavirus with 1,08,059 deaths. There are 6,45,974 cases of recovery.

Brazil has the second highest number of Covid-19 cases globally, having recorded more than 555,000 instances of the disease. Cases across the country multiplied by five across the month of May.

In Europe, United Kingdom is at 4th with 2,77,985 cases of coronavirus and 39,369 deaths. followed by Spain with 2,87,012 cases of the coronavirus and 27127 deaths. Next in line is Italy, which stands at 6th position with 2,33,515 cases of coronavirus and 33,530 deaths. The country has 1,60,092 cases of recovery.

India has crossed the landmark of 1 lakh and has now reported 2,07,615 cases of the novel coronavirus. The country has more than 424 new cases and 5829 deaths. The recovery rate of India has reached 100303. There are 101483 active cases. Germany stands 8th in a row with 184091 cases of the coronavirus. The country has reported 8674 deaths and 166400 recovery cases. 

Peru stands 9th with 1,74,884 cases and 4,767 deaths. There are 69,257 recovery cases. Turkey has 1,65,555 cases and 4,585 deaths. The country has reported 1,29,925 recovery cases.

Apart from the worst hit countries, Mexico recorded 3,891 new novel coronavirus patients on Tuesday, the highest number of cases identified in a single day since the pandemic began.To date, Mexico has confirmed 97,326 cases of the virus, and could pass the 100,000 mark as soon as Wednesday.

The number of coronavirus cases is increasing. With every new day, the numbers are changing. In spite of all efforts, people are still failing to maintain cases of coronavirus. The death reports have been increasing at a certain pace and this has created a strong sense of responsibility to maintain distance and social hygiene.