World: The growth of coronavirus has been on a constant rise. The number of cases around the world has been increasing rapidly. The long list of patients is on a spike. Till now, there are 7155944 cases with more than 9696 cases have been found. There are 408773 deaths with more than 497 new deaths.  There are 3536686 of recovered cases. 

Let’s look at the global statistics

Total confirmed cases: 7,119,736

Change over previous day: 104,657

Total deaths: 406,542

Total recovered: 3,294,675

Nations hit with most cases: The US (1,961,185), Brazil (707,412), Russia (476,043), the UK (288,834) and India (267,046).

The USA is the worst hit. The number of active cases is 1026493. The total number of deaths is 113055. The number of recovery cases is 773480. With this, the total number of coronavirus cases in USA alone nears 2 Million mark.

Brazil stands next with 707,412 cases and 37312 deaths. The recovery cases are 325602. Meanwhile Russia has 476,043 cases with 5971 deaths and 230688 people have been recovered from the disease.

The UK has 288,834 confirmed cases and 40597 deaths. The country has the second highest death toll after USA. On a brighter side, London reported no virus-linked deaths for the first time since lockdowns began in the UK.

India stands next at 5th position with 2,67,046 cases with more than 9500 cases recorded in the last 24 hours. There are 7,473 deaths and 129215 people have been cured so far.

Italy has 235278 cases and 33964 deaths. Till now, the country has reported 166584 recovery cases. Peru has 199696 cases and 5571 deaths. The country has reported 89556 recovery cases. Germany has 186205 cases and 8783 deaths, with 169500 recoveries. Iran is the 10th with 173832 cases and 8351 deaths. The country has reported 136360 recovery cases so far.

Till now, no vaccine for coronavirus has yet been reported. The world has taken precautionary measures for self-defence against the virus. The virus replicates itself thus, it gets highly advanced and thus, the vaccinations have not proved to be of any use. 

Meanwhile, According to a study by Researchers of Harvard Medical School that analysed satellite imagery of car parks outside major hospitals and search engine data suggests that Coronavirus may have been present and spreading in Wuhan as early as August last year.