WORLD: On Saturday, with nearly 55,840 new cases and 2,284 fatalities reported, the global count of confirmed cases of COVID-19 has reached 4,677,254 while the death toll stands at 310,438.. The virus continues to transmit infection on a mass level causing widespread pandemic and deaths worldwide. At present, the active cases in the world are at a count of 2,581,358 with nearly 1,785,458 patients recovered till now.

The number of COVID-19 infections in India reached 85,940 with 3,967 new positive cases detected in one day. The virus has killed nearly 2,752 people in the country while there are around 30,153 patients who have been cured.

Important highlights of the Global Update : 

  • 423 new deaths & 9,229 new cases in the United States.
  • 468 new deaths & 3,450 new cases in the United Kingdom.
  • 290 new deaths & 2,437 new cases in Mexico.
  • 229 new deaths & 4,654 new cases in Brazil.
  • 153 new deaths & 875 new cases in Italy.
  • 104 new deaths & 2,138 new cases in Spain.
  • 119 new deaths & 9,200 new cases in Russia.
  • 100 new deaths & 3,967 new cases in India.

Top 10 countries reporting maximum cases of COVID-19: 

Sr.No.CountryTotal CasesTotal deaths
1.United States1,493,51488,930

To get the latest overview of the present situation in the whole world, it’s important to know about the active cases reported in different countries of the continents. The most affected nations across all the continents along with the tally of active patients is presented below. 


USA – 1,074,761

Brazil – 122,861

Peru  – 54,956

Canada – 32,156

Ecuador  – 25,440

Chile – 22,993

Colombia – 10,210

Mexico – 9,814

Without any significant improvement, the countries in America are struggling hard to control the virus. 

USA , Brazil & Mexico have become the latest hotspots in the country with a huge surge in deaths reported in these nations. On Saturday, the US has seen a second wave in the number of new cases reported with 9,229 fresh cases. Meanwhile, Brazil & Mexico too, present a scary situation.


Russia – 206,340

United Kingdom – N/A 

France – 91,529

Italy – 70,187

Spain – 56,689

Belgium – 31,524

Portugal – 23,785

Sweden – 21,032

Russia has been reporting more than 10,000 cases for more than two weeks now and is the fastest country to report second highest number of active cases in the world.

The current data of recovered cases as well as the active cases of the UK remains unavailable. However, the total confirmed cases in the country remains the fourth highest in the world. And with 468 deaths recorded, the death tally of the country continues to observe a spike.

Italy has seen a further decrease in its active cases with a decline for the last 4 consecutive days showing some positive signs.


India – 54,960

Turkey – 36,269

Saudi Arabia – 28,048

Qatar – 27,169

Pakistan – 27,085

Singapore – 20,087

Iran – 18,308

Bangladesh – 16,564

In Asia, the situation is worse than being assumed. More than 5 countries including India, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bangladesh & Pakistan have reported huge numbers of new positive cases everyday this week. 

On Saturday, India surpassed China’s tally of confirmed cases while active cases in most of the countries of Asia remain much higher than that in China. At present, China has just 89 active cases while a majority of countries in the world are struggling to control the spread of Coronavirus.

Turkey has shown a slight possibility of improving as no new cases and deaths were reported in the country.


South Africa – 7,194

Egypt – 7,837

Ghana – 4,150

Nigeria – 3,959

Algeria – 2,822

Africa has reported 27 new deaths in the last 24 hours with nearly 900 new cases, much lower than the ones reported by other continents. But the active patients not getting cured in time as required for the treatment is a cause of concern for the medical experts in the continent. 


Australia – 576

New Zealand – 49

With no new deaths reported in the last 24 hours and just 17 new cases, Australia has 576 active patients out of which 17 are in critical condition. New Zealand has almost recovered with 1,428 patients cured out of total 1,498 confirmed cases in the country.

Meanwhile, as tensions between the US and China appear to be deteriorating, with the President and his administration blaming the country for having started the virus deliberately, China has acknowledged that it instructed unauthorized laboratories to destroy samples of the novel coronavirus — but for “biosafety reasons.”

An official with the Chinese National Health Commission said on Friday that the samples were destroyed in line with public health laws and to “prevent the risk to laboratory biological safety.”

But he insisted that it was not done to cover up or hide samples from other countries — an accusation that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had previously made.