DELHI: On Monday, Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said India not only shares a social, historical or cultural relation with neighbouring country Nepal but also a`devotional’ one .He made the remarks while addressing the member of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Uttarakhand.

“The border-related concerns will be resolved through discussions between the two countries” he further added.

“Our rations are not only historical and cultural, but also spiritual, and India can never forget it,” he said. “How can relations between India and Nepal break!”

Asserting Indians could never have any bitterness about Nepal, the senior BJP leader said, “If the road built by India has caused any misunderstanding among the people of Nepal, then it will be sorted out through dialogue.”

 The road built by India till Lipulekh Pass is very much in its territory, asserted Singh during a virtual Jansamvad rally for Uttarakhand. 

The deep ties between the two countries and in reference to the strong people-to-people connect between the two countries, the minister said “The relation between India and Nepal is not an ordinary one but that of ‘roti’ and ‘beti.”

The statement comes days after the Nepal Parliament passed the country’s new political map showing key areas of Lipulekh, Kalapani and Limpiyadhura as their own.

On Saturday, Nepal’s parliament unanimously voted to amend the constitution to update the country’s new political map, laying claim over three strategically key areas along the border with it.

The BJP government led by Modi, has triumphed over the “crisis of credibility” caused by the gap between politicians’ promises and their work. It happened because of delivering on the party’s manifesto.

 The Modi government had delivered on a host of promises like abrogation of Article 370 and prohibiting instant triple talaq, said Singh in his address.