MIAMI, US: George Flyod protests regarding black lives have been going around the world. He was killed brutally at the hands of Minneapolis police last month. In the 13th consecutive day of unrest, protesters took to the streets of downtown Miami on Wednesday.

Activist Alaa Massri, an 18 year old student was unlawfully arrested during the protest in downtown Miami, Florida when she saw a witness hit by a police vehicle and wanted to help him.

She had covered her hair with a Hijab (headscarf), it’s a sign of religion in Muslim women. The police officers were repeatedly made aware of this fact, yet in front of the male officers, her Hijab was removed and she took a mugshot.

The police have been going crazy in the States with the protesters and showing no mercy during the time of protests. Many have been killed and treated brutally by the officers around the country. Protesting for your rights is not wrong. Raising awareness and asking the government is not wrong. Fighting for your rights is not wrong. Trump is being heavily accused of white supremacy and racism. 

With the USA being the worst hit country by the coronavirus, George Floyd’s death and the protests following it are only adding further problems. 

Currently, US covid19 count reached to 2,297,338 confirmed cases. Atleast  121,407 have died due to coronavirus.