Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro threatened to withdrew their membership from the World Health Organisation (WHO), accusing the apex body of being “partisan” and “political”.

The WHO had stopped the clinical trials of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) drug for COVID-19. The primary trials of the drug were halted due to some precautionary measures. A new study conducted by Oxford University claimed that the drug showed the least positive result on COVID-19 patients. The WHO has also added that the fae masks should be worn only in the public places whereby social distancing is difficult. 

Bolsonaro has decided for the uplifting of economic measures as their economy is crashing down. Although many have criticized his idea of taking down the measures of protection the president has mentioned that the economy ought to be saved.  The USA had threatened to quit WHO and stop all funds to the organization by the nation as it was acting in favour of China. Now, Brazil has also decided to walk in the footsteps of the USA.

Alfonso Vallejos Parás, an epidemiologist and professor of public health at the National Autonomous University of Mexico said that the increasing rate of infection would be difficult to stop. 

Earlier, the controversy of ‘ideological bias’ had created a disparity between the nations, to which the United States of America (USA) threatened to withdraw the membership and the funds to the WHO, accusing it of becoming a puppet of China, where the coronavirus first emerged.

Meanwhile, Brazil’s last official numbers showed it had recorded more than 34,000 deaths related to the coronavirus – the third-highest number in the world, just ahead of Italy. It reported nearly 615,000 infections, putting it at the second-highest, behind the United States. Brazil, with about 210 million people, is the seventh most populous nation.