Iran activated its air defence system this morning amid reports of missile and drone strikes by Israel. Israel fired missile at an Iran airport, local News agencies reported citing a US official. Local media said that a loud explosion was heard is Isfahan.

Iran activated its air defense system over several cities, state media reported, after the country’s official broadcaster said explosions were heard near the central city of Isfahan. Several Iranian nuclear sites are located in Isfahan province, including Natanz, centerpiece of Iran’s uranium enrichment program. Nuclear facilities in Isfahan were reported to be “completely secure”, Iran’s Tasnim news agency said.

Though some media reports said that missiles had been fired, Iran said that they have shot down several drones but there had been “no missile attack for now”. Several drones “have been successfully shot down by the country’s air defence, there are no reports of a missile attack for now,” Iran’s space agency spokesman Hossein Dalirian said on X.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk the world’s richest man, has made an apparent call for peace amid heightened tensions between Israel and Iran, two countries in the Middle East that are on the brink of an all-out war in the fallout of the Gaza conflict.

Sharing a photo of a rocket, the SpaceX owner said, “We should send rockets not at each other, but rather to the stars.”

His post on X, earlier known as Twitter, came at least an hour after reports emerged of an Israeli strike on an Iranian airport.

SpaceX is a California-based spacecraft manufacturer and satellite communications firm owned by Musk.

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