Gemini, the generative AI chatbot was launched by Google and as part of the launch, the mobile app was also launched in English and nine Indian regional languages. In the blog post that was published in the recent past, the company stated, “Both, Gemini and Gemini Advanced, the application that grants users the exposure to Google’s some of the most sophisticated AI solutions, will be translated into nine regional Indian languages, thereby preventing more people from using information and performing tasks through their preferred medium.

Gemini app has provision for regional languages like Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu. This integration is intended to open up access to a wide range of AI travel technology to a larger population in India’s multilingual population. Furthermore, Google is incorporating nine local languages into Gemini Advanced and ensuring that consumers explore the full extent of Gemini’s features in their local tongues.

It also launched new features in Gemini Advanced as . These are data analysis to better interpret information, file sharing and the interaction of the user with Gemini through the Google message in English. These components are aimed at increasing the functional utility of the utilization experience and to infuse the functionalities that are input-output based with tangible applicability.

Besides India, the Gemini app has been launched in Turkey, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka and has been making a powerful impact on the lives of people in different countries at large.

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, declared the release on X (previously Twitter). He made me understand that you can either type your message, record a voice message, or even add an image to get the required support, “Just want to take a picture of a flat tire if you need instructions on how to change it or take a word document that needs a thank you note to be written – there is always a solution.”

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