Rudraprayag: A big tragedy occurred on Saturday in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand as a tempo traveller with about 17 persons on board fell into a deep gorge on the Rishikesh-Badrinath national highway, and about eight persons lost their precious lives, as per reports from news agencies.

This resulted in a quick response from the State Disaster Response Force and police teams to enable them to conduct rescue missions. As reported by a news agency, attempts are being made to rescue the survivors and provide medical aid to the wounded. To date, there are two cases of individuals who sustained injuries during the accident, and they were evacuated to a hospital by an ambulance.

The road between Rishikesh and Badrinath is one of the most dangerous roads in the world because after this thing is twisted and turned for drivers, those kinds of tragedies are common on this road. Government investigations are currently searching for the reason for the sad accident by means of inspecting the conditions of the roads, possible mistakes of the driver or lack of proper safety elements in the cars.

There are several times when accidents occur in hilly terrains, especially highways in Uttarakhand; the consequences shape up to be rather fatal because of the rugged terrains, and the conditions could be inaccessible for rescue and medical help. The SDRF and the local police have been quite active, offering all possible assistance in handling the situation and extending aid to the passengers’ kin.

Such events support the idea of increasing road safety and the necessity to be careful while crossing the country, especially when there are steep roads involved. The social authorities stress the need to enhance the security measures for dangerous workers and organize educational programmes that might help to avoid similar terrible accidents in the future.

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