Seoni: Following a gruesome act where more than fifty cows were killed in the Seoni district in Madhya Pradesh, Chief Minister Mohan has vowed to have the matter investigated at the highest level. Mentioning it on social media platform X, CM Mohan tweeted, “A Nar-e-Tootey investigative process into the brutal cow Slaughter incidence at Seoni has been en-rooted, higher officials of the Ad. D. G. (CID) Pawan Srivastava and his team is heading source, five suspects have been arrested, and of them, two have identified under the National Security Act (NSA) serious actions.”

The outrage over the matter that emerged on Thursday was after the discovery of the lifeless carcasses of the cows beside bodies of water in Seoni district’s Dhuma Majhgawan and Dhanoora. The discovery stirred a lot of public concern; the police, SP, and the district collector were on the scene in seconds. The piles of dead animals were mute testimony to the fact that over 50 cows had been killed in a very brutal manner that included cutting the throats, which means it was a planned act of brutality.

The rising incidents of cow smuggling and its slaughtering in Madhya Pradesh have also borne the brunt of political leaders and parties. Congress senior leader Digvijay Singh condemned the incident and alleged that the state government was unleashing barbarism and had utterly failed to stop such events. Singh made comments about the apparent discrepancy where the government failed to mention the existence of the carcasses even though the people heard the government of the nation notifying this, but nevertheless, cow carcasses are still being found. He slammed the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as hypocritical of the party, which he said accepts contributions from companies exporting beef but does nothing to stop cow killing.

He asked why those who have been named as having something to do with the beef export business are not arrested and accused most of the senior BJY leaders of indulging in these practices.

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