Indore: In a surprise sting operation, police stormed a rave party that was held at a farmhouse in Indore or the Mini Mumbai, Madhya Pradesh, in the wee hours of Sunday. There was consumption of prohibited substandard substances such as drugs, marijuana, and alcohol in the after-hours party. On the police’s arrival, confusion arose when some members of the congregation were climbing the walls in a bid to escape. Nevertheless, the contingents of the police succeeded in apprehending more than 100 young men and women at the scene. A police report has also been filed against the organizers of the event.

ACP Ashish Patel went on record to explain the details of the incident in which the Tejaji Nagar police were informed about the presence of a Veeru Patel farmhouse where a rave party was underway at Riviera Hills. Based on this information, a raid was launched, and over 100 young men and women were found half naked, drunk, and dancing epidemic. The police then transferred all arrested individuals by bus to the station for further questioning.

A search of the farmhouse conducted based on the information deemed adequate yielded a large amount of alcohol, marijuana, and the banned substance; Gogo paper was recovered. Besides the above-mentioned substances, several other objectionable materials were retrieved from this farmhouse at Mini Mumbai. The people at the rave party danced barefoot and had boys and girls from rich families. The farmhouse had severally laid with several rooms, some of which had accidental couples in compromising conditions; they also had instances of influence from drugs and alcohol.

The police have since closed the farmhouse for further incoming unlawful incidences from the suspected criminals. This is coming at the heels of increasing cases of such parties and wrongdoings of the youths into the use of hard substances. This was in line with the overall policing strategies at that time as the police sought to deal with various social vices within the city, such as drug use.

Police activities of this nature, Ashish Patel, ACP, believes that the government and communities must remain awake and support the police force in fighting such acts. He also expressed that anyone organizing an unauthorized party would be dealt a severe backlash.

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