New Delhi: Over 2.4 lakh people have been fined by the Delhi Traffic Police for illegal parking this year, which have been increased by approximately 35 percent from the previous year, officials said on Sunday. According to them, there has been a noticeable uptick in enforcement as part of a larger effort to enhance traffic flow and ensure the safety of all city drivers.

The Delhi Traffic Police has put a lot of effort into tackling this widespread issue over the past few months, as illegal parking is a major contributor to traffic congestion and accidents. They said that, as a result of this campaign, there has been a discernible rise in the number of challans issued for parking infractions.

More police officers have been sent out to keep a closer eye on cases of illegal parking. According to the government, this action has played a significant role in locating and prosecuting criminals and has encouraged drivers in the city to park more obediently.

According to research, “2,40,152 people were fined by police for illegal parking in the current year, compared to 1,77,800 in 2023. This is an almost 35% increase in prosecutions over the prior year,” the official said.

In addition, the Delhi Traffic Police performed a comprehensive analysis of the ten traffic circles where the highest number of fines for improper parking were issued in 2024. Particular locations where these breaches occur most frequently have been found by our analysis. By identifying these sites, focused enforcement actions can be put into place to increase compliance with traffic laws.

The Delhi Traffic Police have been aggressively removing illegally parked vehicles along with issuing challans, especially in areas with heavy traffic or designated as no-parking zones.results in traffic flow improvement and lowering the possibility of accidents, officials claimed.

According to the officials, public awareness campaigns have been launched to inform drivers about the significance of following parking regulations and the possible penalties for violating them. They also added that the campaign’s aim is to increase drivers’s sense of responsibility and encourage compliance with traffic laws.

Delhi Traffic Police’s primary goal is to ensure everyone’s comfort and safety while using the roads. Traffic police think that the rise in convictions in recent times should act as a warning to vehicles to park properly and in accordance with the parking laws.

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