New Delhi: During the sweltering heat in the national capital, Delhi faced the worst water crisis in days while the water supply cut between the BJP and AAP reached a new high. Continuing from Sunday, the BJP members, including MPs, MLAs, and their state president Virendra Sachdeva, protested at 52 places in Delhi for the second day in a row, including outside the AAP and DJB offices.

The protest marked by the breaking of earthen pots apparently drew the attention of the AAP-led Delhi government to what the BJP perceived as inefficiency in handling Delhi’s water scarcity problem.

Lack of water is another issue the BJP uses to criticize the AAP government, and this they did by alleging that the AAP government has failed to tackle issues of theft, leakage, and wastage. At a protest in Krishna Nagar, Virendra Sachdeva said that while AAP Knowledge retains talking about leakages and thefts, it deflects responsibility and politicizes it. In Karol Bagh, BJP MP Yogender Chandolia least expected AAP’s allegations of BJP negligence and accused all BJP MPs of not responding on the field but denying the allegations, stating that all are actively involved in the field and accusing the Delhi government of an overall failure in governance.

In this regard, AAP’s Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh accused the BJP of staging the crisis for its own benefit, saying that the BJP rule in Haryana has cut down raw water supply to Delhi. Singh blamed BJP-absorbed organizations for tapping pipelines and causing discomfort to DJB functioning as well. The committee draws attention to the fact that while the availability of water in Delhi has a demand of 1,290 MGD, the supply capacity is as low as 916 MGD only, which has further complicated the problem.

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