New Delhi: Delhi water minister Atishi on the second day of the fast, says she will not give up the fast until Haryana provides a satisfactory solution to the water crisis looming over the capital. She proclaimed readiness and declared, “I will not cease fasting until Haryana supplies Delhi with water it owes to it, so 28 lakh people of Delhi could have it.”

Atishi pointed out that Delhi is supposed to supply water to the tune of 613 Million Gallons per Day (MGD), but for weeks, the capacity was reduced to 513 MGD due to Haryana. She regretted it when all the members of the family had applied treatment with no success, as she had to attempt fasting.

Their requirements have been met, and in addition to this, they also have a scarce supply of water, especially during the heat waves in Delhi. The AAP government alleges that currently, both Himachal and Haryana are not abiding by the agreements made under the Yamuna water distribution agreement, which has further worsened the problem. However, the Supreme Court stepped into the matter, calling upon the Upper Yamuna River Board to act as the arbitrator.

Amid this, it is only getting finger-pointing from AAP and BJP regarding the situation. BJP paint the AAP government in a very uncomplimentary light, especially in managing water scarcity and the inability to prevent water theft by so-called water tank mafias on their way to consumers. When in the Haryana regime under the BJP government, they denied the reports of water scarcity claiming Delhi receives more than its share.

In turn, local residents crowded to get water tankers, and long queues visibly manifest themselves in several parts of Delhi. According to the ‘Regional Ground Water Board’, Delhi has almost exploited 99% of its groundwater resources, increasing the reliance on adjoining states.

The increasing diplomacy of Delhi, in particular, and the aggravating inter-state water relations make the capital city more sensitive to water scarcity problems. See, for example, the ‘fast unto death’ by Atishi that signifies the desperation over the issue and puts pressure on Haryana to meet its Side Water Sharing Agreement.

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