Gariyaband: There has been a demand for the construction of a bridge over the Amleepadar dry stream for more than two decades, and later, in 2020, a requisite of 7 crores was cleared for the construction of the bridge. However, due to the department’s lack of action, the problem for the people of this area still persists. The design, construction and supervision of the 150-meter bridge was later awarded to PWD’s bridge division. After this tender process, the contract was signed by a company called NG Associates. A work order was written on June 5, 2022, and the expected completion was before December 31, 2023.

Even when an additional year was granted to the contractor beyond the expected time, only fifteen percent produced twenty-eight percent value of work. Unfortunately, within the last 2 years, at least one of the five envisaged pillars was to be constructed, but the fact is that such construction did not take place at all. It is essential to understand that, up to now, only two abutments have been built. For instance, the contractor who started the project to construct the pillars did not have enough capital, and it took over one year to dig a proper foundation for the pillars only.

When it reached the foundation excavation and the digging of the ground, it required approximately half a year to set the machinery to break the met stone. When the pace set by the work fell, the department decided to deduct 6% of the payment. Despite the initial progress, the bridge division served three notices of intent before terminating the contract on June 14, 2024. Approximately 1 of the total department costs have been spent for this objective through cash or check payment. Later, it had to give Rs. 5 crores against the 28% work awarded. The process for re-tendering has now begun unclear here. The workings of the retendering process are not explained well. Retendering is the act of starting the tendering process anew.

Several families and labourers in the Amleepadar area of the Berhampur Mandal 40 villages depend on the route to their blocks and district headquarters. This route is almost always difficult to traverse, especially during the rainy seasons of September and October, when the disrupted travel routine of students, businessmen, and other passersby greatly affects them.

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