Chhattisgarh: Tablighi Jamaat Chhattisgarh chief Mateen Ahmed has appealed to all his supporters on Friday. In his appeal, he urged all the citizens to corporate fully with Government and administration in the battle against coronavirus. And also appealed to follow the government instruction for lockdown. The appeal issued by Ahmed states that as you all know that the lockdown period has been extended till May 3, be a responsible citizen and try to follow the guidelines of lockdown and cooperate with the administration and help us to set the example of true humanity.

He also mentions in an appeal that you all know Bilaspur district is also named in the list of non- hotspot zone which means from last few days one case have been detected in Bilaspur district. The way all citizens have cooperated with the District Administration, Police Administration, Health Department and Municipal Corporation in the last lockdown days is worth to be appreciated. Result of the same that our district is in Corona-less districts. And it is a matter of pride for the district that the steps taken by the administration in fighting this epidemic have proved useful.

Mateen Ahmed also stated that our fight against corona is not over yet. I humbly appeal to all citizens not to be afraid of this disease but to cooperate with the administration. Support and stay safe by following the lockdown completely until the epidemic is completely eradicated. You can help in dealing with this crisis by giving information to the district administration, police administration and health department by giving information about people with symptoms of coronavirus.