Bijapur: The security forces have scored a major success against the Naxalites. In a continuation of a search operation, the forces apprehended nine Naxalites belonging to two police station areas. This successful joint operation was pulled off with support from the District Reserve Guard (DRG), CoBRA 205 battalion, and the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), 196 battalion.

It is alleged that the arrests were conducted during an active counter-Maoist operation in Bijapur. The operation required many exhaustive search activities within the region. Consequently, working in coordination, the joint team with the security forces extended their search to the forests of Kader and Awapalli, which come under the Usur and Naimer police stations. In this operation, they have arrested nine members of the Maoist militia.

It is important to bear in mind that the arrested Naxalites had been operating in the Maoist organization for quite some time. They were involved in all sorts of criminal incidences such as: blocking streets, setting up IEDs, pasting ANC pamphlets, pasting banners, killing people and arsoning. These disruptions they had been participating in were events of threat and insecurity hence making them a great threat to the security of the region.

This involved cooperation between different agencies, and the strategies and tactics employed by security forces were well coordinated and determined. The DRG, CoBRA 205, and the CRPF 196 Force worked in partnership to eradicate these outlawed characters and make sure they were brought to book. The arrested Naxalites were then shifted to the Usur and Naimer police stations, where the legal onslaught against them began.

As a legal process, the nine Naxalites, after being arrested and questioned for days, were produced before the court for judicial remand. This great ordeal reveals the constant battle of the security forces to drive out the Maoist group and guarantee the return of law and order in the area. The operation depicts the efforts by the security personnel in a bid to fight insurgency to protect the citizens.

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