Raipur: Amid this coronavirus lockdown, people uses social media to reach out to the masses regarding information, helping people and raising money. Similarly, Police all around the country has been trying out fun ways to spread awareness among the citizens about the importance of the lockdown using their social media handle.

Likewise, Raipur SSP Arif sheikh took to his twitter handle to make people aware about the importance of wearing a mask everywhere even while going to bank in a fun tweet “Announcement from banks : If you come to withdraw cash and are not wearing a mask,we shall call the cops.This replaces previous internal rule according 2 which we called the cops when anyone came to the bank wearing a mask and asked for cash. “

But the twist in the picture came, when a twitter user promptly replied to this tweet, beginning his post with, Sir, Can we also bring the real gun or toy type will be effective…?

To this, Arif sheikh posted the most nonchalant yet sarcastic reply that has since won over Twitter. He replied that ” Fake or real In any case,  I can vouch u will be quarantined for long in jail ..” 

By seeing this reply, it’s clear that SSP arif sheikh got no chill. And currently in a mood to troll people on social Media. Looks like SSP message is loud and clear – he isn’t one to be messed around with.
Since being posted a few hours ago, the tweet has collected over 160  likes and 25 retweets – and still counting. The reply has won over many. And many police officials also took part in these sarcastic game of replies.