Raipur– Now that the Saay government has done what was most basic in its response to the removal of the Code of Conduct, it has gone into action mode. This is such an important strategy whereby ministers are ensuring that they conduct departmental review meetings so as to explain more of what the next course of action is going to be. Minister Ramoshangram Tankaram Verma, speaking on the revenue department’s review, in particular, stressed disposing of the pending cases. We have the Geo Referencing project, which is ongoing in an effort to solve all issues that correlate with farmers’ demarcation and boundaries.

During the debate, Minister Verma was able to point to the fact that Geo Referencing will be highly advantageous for farmers since it will ease the steps to be followed a lot. Since cases are handled for a limited duration, it became possible to conduct a comprehensive review of operations to watch these lapses. The work of the Revenue Department is also evident in implementing its tasks, which is a positive sign given the highly important role of the department in resolving farmers’ problems.

Regarding the concern of officers boasting about their punctuality, Tankaram Verma spoke about the orders regarding timely presence in offices and doing genuine work. To the farmers’File Management, clear instructions were given on how to fast-track the remaining farmer’s cases.

Specifically about Balouda Bazaar case investigation, Minister Tankaram Verma said that there are current investigations and the results are to come. People are being named as someone who will be arrested. Reacting to Congress protests over some issues, including the Balouda Bazaar case, Minister Tanakaram Verma accused the party of disrupting the atmosphere. He accused them of plotting to upset the order in the entire state, as their attitude suggested.

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