Chhattisgarh: Amid Lockdown, a shocking news has been surfaced from Chhattisgarh’s Kanker where police have detained four people including one police officer for transporting illegal local liquor amid the Coronavirus lockdown on late night Monday. Surprisingly, accused police officer confessed that he is taking 55-litre illegal local alcohol to patan, which is a legislative area of cm bhupesh baghel. The whole incident was reported in the area of a charma police station.

As per reports, the liquor they were transporting was seized by the police in a raid last night at manchadur village. One of the accused identified as Devanand Patel, who is a sub-inspector of manchadur police station near durg area. Apart from sub-inspector, there is 3 more accused who is involved in this incident.

Police said that, they received information that with Sub Inspector Devanand Patel, 3 more people are carrying 55 litres of illegal local mohua in a Swift Dzire car.

After getting information police seized the area from all side and intercepted Swift Desire. 55 litres of local illegal liquor was seized during the raid. By taking immediate action, police arrested all the four accused including Sub Inspector Devanand Patel, Pappu Lahre, Suresh Banchore, Ballabh. The police have filed an FIR against the all four accused and started further investigation.

Apart from the excise act, Police will also file the case of violation of the lockdown rule against all four accused as they all found sitting in a car which is against the guidelines of lockdown rules.